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Random questions

  • Can you explain how one can reach the “nafsul-amr” religion?
    6326 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    There are three ways for reaching the nafsul-amr religion:1- Revelation2- Narration3- IntellectNormal people can only reach true religion using the second and third method, while special people can also reach it via the first. ...
  • What does it mean to say that divine attributes are the same as the essence?
    7698 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها 2013/02/16
    One of the important theological, mystical, exegetical and philosophical discussions revolves around unity of attribute and the essence or name and the named. Since the point of dispute is not completely clear, often inconclusive and fruitless disputes and debates have taken place over this issue. Those who, ...
  • Which one of the holy Imams (AS) recited Dua Faraj?
    7116 Contextual study 2017/05/20
    The term “faraj” means remedy or improvement or relief from grief and sorrow. [1] The hadith books which include this term and also duas and deeds (a’amāl) have referred to the same meaning. We suffice to mentioning a few examples of duas which have ...
  • Has divorce ever taken place in the life of the prophet and imams?
    7200 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/09/06
    This issue can be looked at and analyzed from different perspectives, but in short, what can be said about it is as following:Firstly: Although marriage has been encouraged in Islamic sources, and divorce has been looked as the most hated halal act in Allah's (swt) eyes, but in ...
  • Is it permissible to steal from internet websites?
    5484 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    Since you want the Islamic law about the question in your email, we deemed it necessary to forward the same question to the offices of some of the living prominent jurists. The answers which we have received from them are as under:Office of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may ...
  • Is the religion of Islam a strict and difficult religion? ou. (Sura al-Baqara).
    12304 Traditional 2013/10/26
    Being the most perfect religion, Islam is based on ease and simplicity. Its rulings and regulations are intertwined with ease and simplicity. Clear foundations and simple concepts that can be understood by any wise and civilized man have made Islam a simple, comprehensible, logical and reasonable shari'a ...
  • Would you be able to tell me whether the book Shawahid al-Tanzil has an authentic chain going back to Haskani?
    10582 Science of narrators 2011/11/12
    Shawahid al-Tanzil is one of the important books that has drawn the attention of Muslim scholars and intellectuals all over the Islamic world. There is a difference among the scholars as to the religion of the writer. Some consider him as Shia; others believe that he was the follower of ...
  • What is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s fatwa on looking at non-mahrams?
    6670 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/05/14
    The Supreme Leader’s fatwa on looking at non-mahrams is the same as the late Imam Khomeini’s. Imam Khomeini says: “It is haram for men to look at the body of non-mahram women, regardless of whether it is with the intention of pleasure or not. Looking at the face and hands ...
  • Prove the existence of God and then indicate how qualities such as being pure, sacrosanct (inviolable), and the greater, etc can be proven in regards to Him?
    4446 پروردگار. نامها و ویژگی ها 2019/06/12
    Allah the Exalted is the absolute and perfect existence with no defects or deficiencies. (He is) a unique existence with the ability to do anything and is aware of all objects (everything) in all situations and at all times. He is receptive and perspicacious (The Hearer and ...
  • What are the conditions of divorce?
    7244 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/11
    If you were interested in living with your husband, you should have made every effort to save the marriage. In fact, you could have done something to draw your in-laws' attention and make your husband love you. If you think you made every necessary effort, you should never think that ...