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  • Is it permissible for me to wear rings made of white gold and silver?
    1742 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/07
    According to the verdicts of grand religious authorities, it is not permissible for men to adorn themselves with whatever is called gold irrespective of whether the gold is yellow or red or white. However, it is necessary to note that platinum is not gold; it is a different metal.[1]Therefore, if ...
  • When does the history of the holy shrine of Lady Ma’sumah start from?
    1652 history of places 2012/03/14
    Lady Ma’sumah is the noble daughter of the seventh imam of the Shi’ah, Imam Musa Kaadhim (AS). Her respectful mother is Najmeh Khaatun (AS). She was born on first day of the month of Zee al-Qa'adah in the year 173 A.H./789 A.D., in the holy city of Madinah. In the ...
  • Why would people dig up someone if they are already dead? Isn\'t that haram?
    1986 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/03/14
    The following is the response of the maraji' to your inquiry: It is haram to exhume the body of a dead believer. But in some cases, it will be permissible, namely: 1. When the dead body has been buried in a usurped land and the owner of ...
  • Why doesn’t Allah (swt) guide the fasiqs (wrongdoers/transgressors)?
    4318 Traditional 2008/11/23
    Guidance can be divided into the following types:1- Existential (takwini) guidance (guidance that has to do with man’s creation), which is the nature embedded in all humans by Allah (swt), causing them to have the tendency to follow tawhid and believe in one God and in other words, it is ...
  • Are those who perform suicide operations considered shahid in the eyes of the Shia, and generally, can they still be performed today (does the concept even apply today)?
    1381 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/08/21
    Such operations that are referred to as ‘suicide operations’ or intihari operations have no place in the Shia culture and aren't permissible per se. Nevertheless, if the precious religion of Islam is ever threatened by a great threat, and there is no other choice to relieve it of these threats, ...
  • What is the Islamic law regarding anal intercourse? Is there any objection in it?
    3191 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/08/07
    Since different jurists have different verdicts in this regard, you should act according to the fatwa (verdict) of the Mujtahid (jurist) whom you follow. For your information, we will now mention the verdicts of some of the religious authorities (jurists) as follows. 1) Some of the religious authorities[1] are of the ...
  • What are the fundamentals and principles of Islam?
    1782 Traditional 2012/04/24
    Literally Islam means “submission” and the religion of Islam is called Islam because it seeks man’s submission to the will of God, the Lord of the worlds. Thus, Islam requires man to surrender himself to the One God and worship none other than Him. In fact, the religion of Islam is ...
  • What is the ruling on eating the cheese contains rennet?
    680 Laws and Jurisprudence 2014/04/20
    What the rennet is a substance or strong material we add it to milk in order to make cheese. This material seemingly prepares with the two methods that are as under: 1. via vegetarian mushroom. 2. via the material that exist in animal stomach. Thus, if the rennet is prepared by the mushroom ...
  • What is the meaning of “the seven heavens” that have been mentioned in the Quran?
    3870 Exegesis 2008/06/17
    Considering the questions that science still has regarding space and the galaxies, one cannot reach a definite conclusion on what is exactly meant by “the seven heavens”.  Nevertheless, some viewpoints have been stated regarding this subject. But we mustn’t forget that the main goal of the Quran is the training ...
  • What is the starting point for purifying the soul?
    1841 Theoretical 2009/09/23
    Purification means to clean your soul of impurity. The Quran has mentioned purifying the soul in various verses but one should know that the basis and starting point of purification varies from person to person.  For a person that is not Muslim, the first essential step will be to convert ...