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  • What is the concrete jurisprudential argument on shaving beard?
    1456 Laws and Jurisprudence 2013/04/09
    Great jurisprudents studying many different proofs and arguments on this subject have forbidden shaving beard. Of course, some other scholars have criticized the said arguments saying that relying on those proofs to which recourse has been made is unacceptable. However, keeping in view the fact that there is not so ...
  • What is the philosophy behind ziarah of Imams?
    1532 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2012/12/01
    The inward tendency and attraction toward someone or something, along with respect and honor, is called ziarah. Since the reality of a human is his soul which is never annihilated, a za'er [pilgrim] who makes ziarah of a demised dignitary has in fact made ziarah of a living person, respected ...
  • Do tattoos affect wudhu, ghusl and Hajj acts?
    2788 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/08/29
    Most of the grand jurists have said in regards to having tattoos: If tattoos are mere color or they are done under the skin and there is no substance on the skin to prevent water from reaching the skin, wudhu, ghusl and prayer are in order.[i] If there are substances ...
  • I married a woman from Ahlul Kitab thinking she will practice Islam and I have 1 child with her, if she refuses to practice Islam can I divorce her?
    1648 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/05/26
    The verdict of the honorable maraje’ regarding permanent marriage with women of the People of the Book (Ahlul Kitab) has been mentioned in Question 7850 (site: ). If you follow a marja’ that allows such a marriage with them, then your marriage with this woman is correct and you can ...
  • What is the correct and easy way of choosing the most learned marja’ for those Muslims who have recently converted to Islam and don’t have access to other scholars?
    2090 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/08/21
    What is meant when it is said that the most knowledgeable marja must be followed, is that those who aren’t experts in fiqh, need to refer to the most learned and knowledgeable fiqh expert and learn their religious duties from him. There are three ways of identifying the most learned ...
  • Please tell me why we have to shorten our prayers when travelling.
    982 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/02/09
    Although all Islamic laws are a result of the benefits or disadvantages and harms that back them, and they all have a particular reason behind each and every one of them, discovering the exact reason in detail for every one of them and knowing that this is all there is ...
  • Why is it permissible in Islam to marry female captives?
    1351 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2011/01/02
    Given that we have already dealt with the political and social aspects of slaveholding in our previous answers, here we will study two more issues concerning the subject matter: 1. The reason and philosophy behind the legality of conjugal relations with female captives 2. Why doesn’t this relationship require a ...
  • Please explain what a human Shaytan is.
    2093 Traditional 2011/04/20
    “Shaytan” is a general term that refers to any deviating, misguiding and disobedient creature, whether it is human or not. In the Quran, this term has not been used for a specific creature, in fact it has even been used for humans that are deviating and wrongdoing.Therefore, what is meant ...
  • What is the ruling on child custody in the absence of the father?
    1318 Laws and Jurisprudence 2007/01/17
    Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s responseAccording to Islamic principles, assuming a child’s father passes away, the right to having custody of the child is, also, awarded to the mother up until the child attains the age of puberty. On occasions where the father is absent [for any given reason], such an absence ...
  • Can the soul, after death, become aware of the things that happen in this world?
    2255 Traditional 2009/11/24
    It has been narrarated from the Holy Infallibles (Masumeen) that after death, the soul can in fact come back to this world and have awareness of the events that unfold here and learn of their relatives and close ones. The angels can also act as intermediaries and this has been ...