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Last Updated: 2010/12/08
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Is the Imam of Time (atf) living in Bermuda Triangle?
I have for long been overwhelmed by the mystery of Bermuda Triangle. Many people here believe that this allegedly haunted place is the residence of His Holiness Imam Mahdi (A.S.). But I am not convinced as I think why he would engage in sinking passing ships, aircrafts and drowning of people from that region. Please answer this question as this is cardinal.
Concise answer

The reason why some people have considered Bermuda Triangle as the residence of the Imam of Time (atf) is that they believe that Bermuda Triangle is the very Khazra Island. With this presumption that Khazra Island is the residence of the Imam of Time, they have said that Bermuda Triangle and its special features are characteristic of the residence of the Imam of Time (may Allah hasten his reappearance).

It should be noted that the "Khazra Island" as the residence of the Imam of Age (a.s.) during the period of occultation is a story that has been denied and falsified by prominent scholars and researchers. The story is not acceptable because its documentation is weak and ambiguous. Therefore, the story concerning Khazra Island is unacceptable. Even if supposedly some individuals may consider Khazra Island as the residence of the Imam of Time (a.s) it is weird and unacceptable to say that it is the Bermuda Triangle. The Imam of Time (atf) is a kind leader who is to save and guide the humanity not to bring them misery or exterminate them. Without doubt, the Imam of Time (a.s.), after his reappearance, will uproot injustice and he will fill the world with justice and equity.

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