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حضرت زهرا (س)

Random questions

  • How should one, who has masturbated, repent? What are the ways through which one can make up for the physical and spiritual harms of masturbation?
    38547 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Sins are like an ill-smelling putrid bog. The deeper a person goes into it the less he feels its disgusting smell because his smelling taste ceases to function properly. However, a person's firm decision to discontinue lusting is by itself a victory.Masturbation has been considered to be one of ...
  • What are the challenges facing Islam – Christianity dialogue?
    6371 تبلیغ و گفتگو
    For an answer to the above question, we deemed it appropriate to draw your attention to a lecture delivered by Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani in this regard. There is a clear tendency towards religiosity in the present century whereas in the previous century a great deal ...
  • What does the phrase "المجاز قنطرة الحقیقة" refer to? Please explain Islam’s standpoint on “metaphoric love”.
    6987 Practical
    1. Islamic scholars believe that there is no more than one true love in this world and that being the love for God, the other types of love are considered to be metaphoric, unreal and illusory love. Moreover the term “love” is only fit for God, and attachment ...
  • Do Shia Muslims not go to Hell?
    13875 جبر یا اختیار و عدالت پروردگار
    The fact that some people are held responsible for their deeds and subjected to punishment in Hell and some are endowed with blessings and bounties is based on a principle which Allah has pointed out in some of the Quranic verses. God, the Almighty, rejects all kinds ...
  • Why did Allah (swt) create the foreskin which is removed during circumcision?
    22523 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Because of its many benefits, circumcision has been made obligatory in some religions like Islam. Some of those benefits are: prevention of infants and babies from infection of the urinal tract, penile cancer prevention, prevention of aids, etc. As for why Allah (swt) created the foreskin in the ...
  • What is the Quranic perspective about the People of the Book?
    5746 Exegesis
    The Quran, like many other eloquent speeches, have organized its words on the basis of their audience's needs. In this connection, the personality, conducts, belief etc. of the audience have been taken into consideration. The Holy Quran has addressed the People of the Book in the same ...
  • Why do Shiites wipe their feet rather than washing them which is an obligatory act in wudhu?
    2899 وضو، اذان و نماز
    It is quite natural and clear that every sect and denomination considers itself to be on the right side or to be the right sect. Contrary to what you think, we believe we are performing what is mandatory to do. We perform what you think as fardh ...
  • What creatures are haram?
    14604 Laws and Jurisprudence
    In general, haram meat creatures are divided into several categories:1. All sea creatures which do not have scales.2. Among land creatures, dogs, pigs, predatory creatures which have sharp teeth and claws and talons, like lions, foxes, rabbits, wolves, elephants, etc. are haram. But all types of ...
  • What is the meaning of mutawatir and ma'roof traditions?
    7186 Contextual study
    For information about the meaning of mutawatir traditions and its various types, see index "the criterion for verbal, spiritual and ambiguous mutawatir traditions", question 2412. Ma'ruf Hadith Different definitions have been presented for Ma'ruf tradition: 1. A ma'ruf tradition is one whose text and it is content ...
  • What are the causes of the reappearance of the Imam of Time (atf)?
    6270 Traditional
    The ‘causes of the reappearance’ refer to those things that serve as agents instrumental in the reappearance of the Imam of Time (atf). Although “God’s will” is the fundamental cause of the reappearance of the Imam of Time (atf), what, in fact, humans can do to prepare ...