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Random questions

  • How can the incoherence between verses 21 of chapter 57 and 133 of chapter 3 be resolved in regards to heaven?
    6054 Exegesis 2011/05/22
    Presumably, the point which caused you to imagine that these two verses are incoherent and contradictory with each other was the translation of the word of “al-Samā” into “oneheaven” whereas the real meaning of the word is “heaven” not “one heaven”. Even in the English translation ...
  • What are the political thoughts of Imam Khomeini?
    9416 اندیشه های امام خمینی (ره) 2012/05/12
    The political thoughts of Imam Khomeini (blessed be his soul) are a part of his macro ideas being influenced by different aspects of his thought. Given the fact that Imam Khomeini is a multi-dimensional personality who authored numerous works in mysticism, jurisprudence, philosophy, theology and politics and ...
  • Are there hadiths that say when Imam Zaman’s (aj) name is heard, one should stand and put his hand on his head?
    19465 Traditional 2009/07/19
    The reason for why the Shia do such, can be the following two hadiths:1- In the famous hadith of Di’bil Khoza’i, the poet of the Ahlul-Bayt, it has been mentioned that when he was reciting his famous poem for Imam Ridha (as) and he reached the part that ...
  • What is meant by justice as one of the fundamentals of faith?
    3267 معنای عدل الهی 2017/01/21
    Justice has been discussed and debated in detail covering all its meanings. However, what has been very much a matter of controversy and heated debate is the difference between Imamiyah and Mu'atazilah on the one hand and Ash'arites on the other. Justice in the sense that each ...
  • Can a person borrow money to go to hajj?
    9129 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/06/07
    This question can be answered in two parts:A) Hajj is one of the greatest worships that one can borrow money for, and there are hadiths by the infallibles regarding the permissibility of borrowing for it in hadith sources.[1]B) Another issue that arises here is that since ...
  • Please list the reasons behind the permissibility/impermissibility of music.
    8770 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/12/28
    In fiqhi terms, ‘ghina’ and ‘music’ are two different concepts. Ghina refers to the singing voice that comes from the larynx and is turned up and down in the throat in a way that it makes the listener joyful and somewhat ecstasizes him and is ...
  • Do ointment, cream and similar materials transmit impurity? What about liquids other than water?
    8130 انتقال نجاست 2013/01/20
    All Shia scholars (Mujtahedeen) say: “If a ritually clean thing touches a najis thing and if either or both of them are so wet that the wetness of one reaches the other, the clean thing will become najis. [1] And if the wetness ...
  • Will there be a new creation after the end of this world?
    12450 Traditional 2010/02/09
    Since Allah (swt) is the All-Emanating and All-Graceful, and His grace is never-ending, grace calls for Him to continuously create, and He creates everything that deserves to be created. His grace manifests through creating, therefore it is correct to say that His grace necessitates creation.Allah (swt) can ...
  • What is the reason behind Imam of Mahdi's remaining in occultation despite there are Shiite governments in the world?
    9548 Traditional 2011/03/10
    The occultation of the Imam of Time (atf) does not mean that the Imam is living a paranormal or different life. For example, he is not living in a cave and the likes of such places. In fact, according to some traditions the Imam ...
  • How can I counter spells?
    7544 Practical 2012/02/15
    Even though spells aren’t superstitious and may have substantial effects, not every person has the power to cast spells. Moreover, most individuals who claim to have the knowledge of casting spells are bogus; they look at this skill as a tool to trick people and make money.The ...