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Questions Archive (Thematic Category:فنا )

Random questions

  • What happened to Imam Hussein's horse in Karbala?
    8688 تاريخ بزرگان
    The writers of books on what happened on Ashura (these books are referred to as ‘maqatil’) have not mentioned much about what happened to Dhuljanah. What is mentioned is that he made his mane bloody with the blood of the Imam and returned to the tents neighing very ...
  • Why did our imams practice polygamy?
    6380 Traditional
    There are many reasons behind marriage; spiritual calmness and tranquility, fulfillment of reproductive needs and desires, having a partner in life and the continuation of generations. Giving shelter and asylum to women without an abode, protecting society from corruption, and the conditions of the ...
  • Is it permissible to serve alcoholic beverages in restaurants in the west?
    4857 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The dignity of Muslims around the world depends on their adherence to their religion’s laws and devotement to Islam, and they must strive to remain committed to the pact they have made with Allah (swt).Some of the maraje’ have stated that ...
  • Did Satan have children, and if so, are they cursed as well?
    15012 Exegesis
                Satan has a number of children which help him and almost all of his children have chosen the same path as he has and thus have been cursed and rejected as well, except for a few of them; ...
  • Is the marriage of an adherent and practicing religious girl with a carefree and secular minded boy going to be successful?
    5430 Practical
    Islam attachesgreat importance to real pleasure and prosperity of human beings through Islamically balanced, highly ethical, well-educated and well-behaved families and happy homes. It has important teachings concerning marriage which must be taken into consideration. They include the ethical and moral adherence of the boy ...
  • What are the sources for derivation and issuance of legal verdicts?
    2909 بیشتر بدانیم
    Ijtihad literally means "to endeavor, strive, put oneself out, work hard." In Islamic legal terminology it is defined as the total expenditure of effort by a mujtahid, in order to infer, with a high degree of probability, the rules of Shari’ah from the detailed evidence that is ...
  • What causes jello to become haram or halal?
    14696 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There exists different types of jello; some are deemed halal, others haram. The criterion which classifies jello as being either halal or haram to consume, is that of its initial ingredients. Assuming the latter are all ‘herbal’, all jello types – domestic/foreign – are halal and permissible to consume. However, ...
  • Does showering after wudu, invalidate the wudu?
    7721 Laws and Jurisprudence
    It is okay to take a shower after wudu, and it doesn’t invalidate it.The only thing to remember is, when performing wudu, the head and feet that are wiped must be dry prior to wiping, and if they are wet to the extent that if you wipe your ...
  • What is the ruling regarding eating harām (forbidden) food?
    9695 Laws and Jurisprudence
    One who realizes after eating food that he has eaten a harām meal, in case there was no likelihood of the food being harām and there were signs indicating that it was halal, for example, he had received the food from a Muslim, such a ...
  • When was visiting graves allowed given the fact that it was, for some time in the early period of Islam, unlawful to visit graves?
    3317 زیارت قبور و بنای مراقد
    Among the practices which, in the early period of Islam, were forbidden was visitation of graves. Visiting graves was prohibited for a number of reasons. As the Islamic society developed and grew more mature, a suitable environment to deal with this issue came into being. The Holy ...