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Random questions

  • Do ointment, cream and similar materials transmit impurity? What about liquids other than water?
    6965 انتقال نجاست
    All Shia scholars (Mujtahedeen) say: “If a ritually clean thing touches a najis thing and if either or both of them are so wet that the wetness of one reaches the other, the clean thing will become najis. [1] And if the wetness ...
  • Which type of love, out of the many, is correct according to Islam?
    7351 Theoretical
    Philosophers and Gnostics have divided love into various categories; however as a general division they have divided love into two types:1. True love which is the love for Allah, His attributes, and His actions.2. Metaphorical love which is applied to many things. It can ...
  • Describe the proof of the existence of God and the manner of how he came into being.
    6474 Islamic Philosophy
    God Almighty, is a being which is absolute existence and complete perfection devoid of all deficiencies and imperfections. The concept of God is one which is very simple and clear. Everyone, including those who deny his existence, are able to comprehend and understand it. Even though ...
  • Can a woman recite Quran in front of non-mahrams?
    8710 Laws and Jurisprudence
    The Grand Ayatullah Khameneni (may Allah prolong his life):If it gets their attention and arouses them or causes any other corruption then it will be impermissible, or else, it is permissible.The Grand Ayatullah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life):If she knows that a non-mahram man hears her voice ...
  • What is the ruling on having a relationship with a married woman over the phone and chatting with her?
    6194 Laws and Jurisprudence
    According to holy Islamic law, any form of interaction between a non-mahram man and woman, whether it is direct or indirect, is impermissible if it accompanied with lust, or there is fear of sin taking place. Also, it is clear that there are different levels of sin; some ...
  • Are there any women who reached the rank of ijtihad in religious seminaries?
    6582 تاريخ بزرگان
    A worthy interaction of Islam with science, and requiring that from every Muslim man and woman, has resulted in women always studying the sciences in Islamic communities and finally some of them reached the rank of ijtihad.As an example, lady Mujtahideh Amin who passed away in 1403h. Lady Mujtahideh ...
  • How would it be possible to explain unity of being in simple words?
    5430 وحدت وجود
    Wahdatul Wujûd means to believe that all the entities (things present around us) are an indication of Allah’s presence and to believe that everything besides Allah is subjective or just shadows and epiphany of the Truth. Conclusively there is no multiplicity in God, the Real Wujûd as ...
  • Can a soul or Jinn bother a human being?
    12308 Traditional
    We know very little about Jinns, but hadiths say that Jinns are responsible for their acts and have different beliefs, some are obedient towards Allah while others are not, the same as humans. Although Jinns are not clever, they do possess the power ...
  • What are the challenges facing Islam – Christianity dialogue?
    6355 تبلیغ و گفتگو
    For an answer to the above question, we deemed it appropriate to draw your attention to a lecture delivered by Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani in this regard. There is a clear tendency towards religiosity in the present century whereas in the previous century a great deal ...
  • Can a Muslim go in a church and offer prayers there?
    5986 Laws and Jurisprudence
    There is no problem in going inside a church except for when he who goes there is a well-known figure whose going to church leads to promotion of the church or when it is feared that he might be ideologically influenced and get misled in which case the ...