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Last Updated: 2008/10/12
Summary of question
Do different situations have any effect on the nafsul-amr religion?
Are all of the elements of the nafsul-amr religion universal and stable, thus never changing and always being the same in different times and places? Or does some of the nafsul-amr religion depend on different situations and times and places, thus becoming a variant and changing one?
Concise answer

The nafsul-amr religion has only one way of life for all individuals in every place and time and contains no changing elements.

Detailed Answer

Since the one thing that all people have in common, which is the valuable “gem” of being human, is a stable one, in addition to the fact that the nafsul-amr religion’s subject (which is this “gem of humanity”) is a stable and never-changing one, it can be concluded that the nafsul-amr religion is also a stable and non-changing one, just like its subject.

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