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Last Updated: 2009/09/20
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Which surah is Surah Bani Israel?
Which surah is Surah Bani Israel?
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The seventeenth surah of the Quran, is Surah Bani Israel which contains 111 verses. This surah is also known as surah ‘Isra’ and ‘Subhan’. The reason for naming this surah ‘Bani Israel’ is because in this surah, the different stages and states of Bani Israel have been mentioned in it and because it mentions the event of the ‘mi’raj’ (ascension of the prophet (pbuh) to the skies and heavens), it has also been called surah ‘Isra’ (ascension). Also, since the surah begins with the word ‘subhan’, it has been called surah ‘Subhan’.

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