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Last Updated: 2011/04/20
Summary of question
How can those who don’t observe the complete hijab study in the Howza?
I am a 20 year old woman that really would like to study in the Howza. The problem is that I don’t have a complete hijab and know I won't be allowed in. What do I do?
Concise answer

Studying in different fields is always valuable and brings about completion for the individual, nevertheless, reaching values and virtues coming from knowledge calls for some preliminary steps and hardships that have to be taken care of and endured respectively first.

Entering the Howza is no exception and may bear even greater difficulties than other fields of study. Only those who are really in love with this knowledge can bear these difficulties. It is after tolerating these hardships that one will eventually truly feel the pleasure of the outcomes of these efforts; a pleasure that they aren't willing to exchange with anything else.

We take your enthusiasm to come to the Howza as good omen and wish you success in this path. We hope that with depending on Allah and having high self esteem, you take firm steps in this way and make great accomplishments. Clearly, observing hijab and other commands of the All-Merciful are some of the first and most important steps to this sacred path that one seeking such goals must pay full attention to.

We also see it necessary to remind that observing hijab and modesty in one’s clothing, walking, talking, etc., is necessary even if one doesn’t intend on coming to the Howza. Such a matter entails great blessings and outcomes in people’s personal and social lives. We ask Allah (swt) to help everyone in acting upon His precepts.

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