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Last Updated: 2012/04/19
Summary of question
Can a woman have an extended relationship with others over the internet without her husband’s permission?
We all know that for a woman to leave the home, she needs to have the consent of her husband. Now the question is, can such a woman have extended relationships with others over the internet? Does she need her husband’s consent for that?
Concise answer

The following is the response of the maraji’ to your question:

1. Khamenei: If it doesn’t entail using his wealth/belongings [without his consent], there is no need for permission, but please do remember that it is impermissible to develop a relationship with a non-mahram which usually leads to problems/corruption, or there are chances of it entailing sin.

2. Sistani: Any form of relationship with a non-mahram is impermissible.

3. Saafi Golpaygani: Generally, these forms of relationships are impermissible even if the husband is content with them.

4. Hadavi Tehrani: If the relationship over the internet is a legitimate one and isn't problematic, it is permissible and there is no need for the husband’s permission.

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