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Last Updated: 2009/07/19
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Where has Prophet Muhammad been buried?
Where has Prophet Muhammad been buried?
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The Prophet of Islam (pbuh) was born in the “Year of the Elephant” (Aamul-Fil) in which Abrahah and his army[1] attacked the Ka’bah and was chosen at the age of forty on Allah’s (swt) behalf as His messenger, while worshipping and praying in the cave of hira’.

He began his call to Islam secretly and made it open by the command of Allah (swt).[2] This call lasted for 13 years in Mekkah, until the plot of the mushrikin to kill the prophet (pbuh) was disclosed to him through the angel of revelation, forcing him to migrate to Yathrib (Medinah).

Once in Medinah, an Islamic government led by the prophet (pbuh) was established, and Islam began to gradually grow and take root in surrounding cities, even in Mekkah.

The final stage of the prophet’s mission was to introduce Imam Ali (as) as his successor, in which he did in his final Hajj, passing away afterwards on the 28th of Safar of the eleventh year after hijrah.

According to hadiths, the prophet (pbuh) had said: “All prophets are buried where their souls are taken away [and pass away].”[3] Therefore, the prophet (pbuh) was buried in one of his rooms in Medinah, where he passed away.[4] Today, his gravesite is next to Masjidul-Nabi and is part of the Mosque.

[1] For information on the events of the year of the elephant, refer to Islamic history books.

[2] Shu’ara:214.

[3] Muhammad ibn Sa’d Al-Zuhari, Al-Tabaqatul-Kubra, vol. 2, pp. 223-224.

[4] Ibid.

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