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Last Updated: 2006/08/21
Summary of question
when a Muslim woman is about to marry someone who has moral issues, can other people who have information about this person let this woman know?
A man became Muslim and wants to marry a sister in the community. He used to live a life of a gay man and I do not know if he told her about his past. I think it is important for her to know so that she won't be regretful later and also so that he can get tested for HIV and STDs. What is the Islamic ruling on this issue?
Concise answer

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei’s response

Informing the lady is not necessary; canonically, the execution of the aforementioned tests are, also, not necessary.

Grand Ayatollah Makarim’s response

Obligatory precaution dictates that one attains certainty vis-à-vis one’s health by undergoing the aforementioned tests; assuming this is carried out, one is not required to inform one’s future spouse of one’s past.

Grand Ayatollah Fazel Lankarani’s response

It is neither necessary to inform one’s (future) wife nor to carry out such tests.

Supplementary Notes from ‘Porch of Wisdom’

Please note that the duty of all Muslimahs (Muslim women) obliges her to thoroughly investigate one’s suitor – in all aspects – in order for her to be able to find her desired match; moreover, if a Muslimah enquires into something or after somebody, we are all obliged to provide her with what she desires to know (assuming we behold that information). However, assuming she doesn’t pose one with any enquiries, one is, then, not obliged to convey what one in fact knows of, to her.

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