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  • What are the different stages and levels of religion?
    7681 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    The main stages of religion are as follows:1- The “nafsul-amr” religion: What exists in the knowledge of Allah (swt) regarding the guidance of man to his eternal prosperity and salvation, is the “nafsul-amr” religion. In other words, the nafsul-amr religion is the way of life for man from ...
  • What is the origin and growth of Shi‛ism?
    6635 Modern 2006/08/21
    Shi‛ism began with a reference made for the first time to the partisans of Ali (shi‛ah-i‛Ali), the first leader of the Household of the Prophet, during the lifetime of the Prophet himself. The course of the first manifestation and the later growth of Islam during the twenty-three years of prophecy ...
  • Do the Shia believe that Lady Fatimah was higher than many other men?
    6437 Traditional 2010/01/21
    The answers to your first and second have already been given in Questions 458 (website: 492) and 455 (website: 489) respectively, please refer there.As for the answer to your third question:Although the prophets and imams, for reasons mentioned where needed, have been chosen from amongst other ...
  • What is the reason for mourning for Imam Hussein (a.s)?
    8121 History of Fiqh 2011/11/19
    The events which have taken place in the history of every society hold valuable experiences and lessons that have been achieved with great pain and at a heavy price. Those experiences and lessons are assets that can have a great impact on the destiny and future of that ...
  • What foods did the prophet like?
    13003 تاريخ بزرگان 2012/03/10
    The prophet would usually eat from anything that was halal, without restricting himself. Meat was his favorite food. Out of the different cuts of meat, he liked the foreshank the most. Out of condiments, he liked vinegar and olives. He also liked dates and honey very much, ...
  • Why is it necessary to follow a marja’?
    10423 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/05/12
    Taqlid means for someone who doesn’t have the required expertise in a field that calls for expertise, to go to an expert in that field for help. The most important reason behind the need for taqlid in religious issues is the same simple and comprehendible reason why inexperienced individuals in ...
  • How should one go about identifying the most learned Mujtahid, if the testimonies of the witnesses contradict each other?
    6391 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/01/15
    All grand jurists have said in their edicts that there are three ways of identifying a Mujtahid, and the A'alam:First: when a person is certain that a particular person is a Mujtahid, or the most learned one. For this, he should be a ...
  • When we say Almighty Allah, does it account for all attributes or only for the power and might of Allah?
    6525 Traditional 2012/05/21
    At the level of His essence, when we say He is the Almighty, it accounts for all of His attributes. That is, there is no difference which attribute we use to refer to His essence. On the other hand our minds have no understanding of God's attributes ...
  • What kind of a book is the Quran?
    7259 شیعه و قرآن 2013/11/25
    The Holy Quran is a heavenly book revealed for the guidance of mankind. It was sent down on the heart of the Last of Prophets, Muhammad b. Abdullah, peace be upon him and his descendants. The Quran, which is the eternal miracle of the Prophet of Islam ...
  • What is the Islamic law on breastfeeding in the state of janabat (ritual impurity) and sexual intercourse in the presence of a breastfeeding child?
    35904 برخی احکام 2015/01/05
    Ritual purity (wduhu and ghusl) are very effective on the child's upbringing and education and it is better or the mother not to breastfeed her child whilst she is in the state of ritual impurity (janabat). Also, there is no problem in having sexual intercourse with one's ...