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  • According to Islam is it permissible for women to drive?
    29914 2006/11/22 Modern
              The ruling for women driving must be derived from other laws and principals; meaning that we do not have a direct ruling on women driving in the Quran or Sunnah, because it is a new issue (
  • What is a muslims duty when dealing with atheist?
    10787 2006/10/09 Quran
    Dear Brother/Sister,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.The answer to your question is as follows: As a believer you should try to show others the beauty of religion and its dimensions in order to motivate
  • what is the Ruling on eating holy bread offered by christians?
    8720 2006/10/09 Practical
    Dear Brother/Sister,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah.The answer to your question is as follows: From a fiqhi perspective there is no problem in what you done, as long as what you ate is not regarded as
  • Can a Muslim male marry a Christian female without his parents consent?
    10280 2006/09/30 Laws and Jurisprudence
    Dear Brother,Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahWe thank you for contacting us and pray for your prosperity and success in all aspects of your life.You must be praised for your attentiveness in religious a
  • Has Islam reffered to any special form of government?
    7543 2006/08/21 Fiqh
    It should be said that Islam hasn,t reffered to any special form of government has expressed certain rules and regulation in this connection, form which the method of Islamic government can be inferre
  • What is the origin and growth of Shi‛ism?
    6912 2006/08/21 Modern
    Shi‛ism began with a reference made for the first time to the partisans of Ali ( shi‛ah-i‛Ali ) , the first leader of the Household of the Prophet, during the lifetime of the Prophet himself. The cour
  • I would like to know the methods of religious thought.
    8771 2006/07/15 Traditional
    There are three methods of religious thought in Islam. The Holy Quran in its teachings points to three paths for Muslims to follow in order to comprehend the purposes of religion and the Islamic scien
  • What are the reliable sources of religious thought in Islam?
    6511 2006/07/15 Traditional
    Needless to say religious thought, like other forms of thought, must have reliable sources from which the raw material of its thought originates and upon which it depends. Similarly, the process of re
  • What do you mean by religious thought?
    6393 2006/07/15 Traditional
    By “religious thought” we mean that form of thought which is concerned whit any of the problems of a religious nature within a particular religion, in the same sense that mathematical thought is the f
  • What is the meaning of the government of Islamic Republic?
    6505 2006/07/15 Philosophy
    The word government means order and command.In the present terminology, it consists of the aggregate of the organized members and the ruling group that control the affairs of society.It consists of th

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