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  • What are the traits of the “mursal” religion?
    1623 Philosophy of Religion 2008/10/12
    1- The number of “mursal” religions is always in correspondence with the number of messengers sent by Allah (swt).2- The mursal religion is a result of man’s need towards the message of Allah (swt) to the people.3- The way of getting acquainted with the mursal religion is through reliable narration ...
  • Can I perform two Umrah pilgrimages in one month?
    581 گوناگون 2013/12/25
    Umrah is an act of worship which is performed usually either as Mufradah or Umrah of Tamattu'. These are names of two different pilgrimages performed on different occasions. It has been said by religious authorities and grand jurisprudents that it is recommended to repeat an umrah pilgrimage as it is ...
  • What was the law about drinking wine before Islam?
    1441 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/08/08
    History bears witness that the process of various people’s religiosity in all the divine religions had been in a way such that after the death or martyrdom of every prophet or every messenger among people the predominant religion would fade out gradually until they put aside the religion and the ...
  • What are the etiquettes and traditions of the month of Rmadhan?
    604 Practical 2013/11/25
    The holy month of Ramadhan and fasting in this month have certain etiquettes, manners and conditions some of which are as follows: 1. Sighting the moon: One of the conditions of the month of Ramadhan is that the crescent of this month should be ascertained and sighted. 2. Having breakfast and sahari ...
  • Why is it necessary to follow a marja’?
    1764 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/05/12
    Taqlid means for someone who doesn’t have the required expertise in a field that calls for expertise, to go to an expert in that field for help. The most important reason behind the need for taqlid in religious issues is the same simple and comprehendible reason why inexperienced individuals in ...
  • Can a woman who hasn’t received her Nafaqah consider herself as divorced? If so, when does her waiting period of iddah commence?
    1655 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/03/03
    According to Islam, divorce can only be carried out by the husband[1], therefore, the wife cannot divorce herself and not paying the Nafaqah doesn’t give her the permission to be able to do so. Subsequently, there is no waiting period of iddah for her. However, the wife can refer to ...
  • When Allah created material things from absolute nothingness, does it mean that His Power was converted into material power and material form?
    1276 تجلی ذاتی 2013/01/19
    If you mean conversion of divine power into material power, there is no doubt that such a notion is false and it is never true with God. If you mean by the word “conversion” reflection of God’s power, indeed creation from absolute nothingness gives such a meaning because ‘nothing’ was ...
  • What is the position of Islam on democracy?
    1738 System 2010/03/13
    Democracy is a method of organizing society and respecting the majority vote while maintaining individual and civil rights.Although the majority is not necessarily always right[i], the majority can be determining[ii] and can accomplish its goals by accepting or not accepting them. From Islam's point of view a system can not ...
  • How does Islam solve the collision between religion and science?
    1609 Modern 2008/07/20
    This issue (the collision of religion and science) is one imported from Christianity. To find the answer to such a question in Islam, one must pay attention to the following points:1- When studying religious texts, one must pay close attention to all things that will help to understand the text ...
  • Is it right to limit women?
    1268 Practical 2009/10/22
    The spiritual and moral health of a society depends on that of its individuals; men and women, and the spiritual health of individuals is only reachable through training and raising them correctly.  Islam has provided its followers with many instructions and guidelines regarding raising children (the first stage of raising ...