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  • The place of the people in a government system based on the Wali Faqih and its difference with a government based on liberalism?
    1285 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/01/17
    According to Quranic verses and the viewpoint of Islam, the ‘people’ compose one of the basic and essential foundations of a government. The Quran says: “We have sent our messengers with clear proofs, and we have revealed with them (divine) books and the Mizan (a means of discerning between the ...
  • What does Islam mean?
    1683 Traditional 2009/04/29
    Islam literally means to submit and surrender to another's will and in the Quran, it to one who is in total submission to Allah (swt) and is free from any form of shirk and polytheism. It is on these premises that the Quran refers to Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) as a ...
  • How old was Imam Ali (AS) on the day of Ghadir?
    740 غدیر خم 2013/12/09
    The event of Ghadir took place on the tenth of the hegira year but there are different views about Imam Ali's date of birth. However, if we are to determine the Imam's date of birth, it depends on which report is considered to be stronger and more authentic. Only then ...
  • Why wasn’t Imam Mahdi just born at the time he was to emerge instead of being born a very long time before and waiting till that time?
    2225 Traditional 2009/06/10
    The answer to this question lies in explaining why the occultation took place, what the awaiting of the Mahdi (aj) truly means, and what the benefits and outcomes of having a concealed imam are.It has been said in our hadiths that one of the reasons for the occultation is so ...
  • Is it believed by the Shia that the creation of Adam was carried out by the hands of Imam Ali (as)?
    2768 Traditional 2010/06/21
    If some people believe that Imam Ali (as) independently created Prophet Adam (pbuh), it will be against the Quran and considered shirk. Not to mention that the creation of Adam by the physical body (hands) of Imam Ali (as) doesn’t comply with existing realities, because his body was created after ...
  • Why are good and bad moral traits discussed together in ethics? Scientifically speaking, what is the relationship between those traits?
    4187 گناه و رذائل اخلاقی 2014/01/22
    In view of the fact that ethics is a branch of philosophy that studies good and bad moral traits, voluntary conducts and volitional behaviors, it is very much logical and scientific to discuss and put all moral traits together. The good moral traits are certainty, faith, tawakkul (consigning one's matters ...
  • Is it haram for young girls and women to wear perfume?
    2144 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/02/15
    Wearing perfume or cologne isn't haram for any group or gender in Islam. What Islam prohibits is to wear attractive perfume in the presence of non-mahrams in a way that will lead to haram and corruption. According to all of the maraji’, wearing such perfume in public places where there ...
  • Can you please tell me how long it takes to study kharij lessons in Islamic seminaries?
    1455 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/07/22
    This is the current curriculum that the Howzah follows:1- The introductory level or Level 1 of the Howzah which takes six years to complete. The first three years are usually spent for studying Arabic literature and other lessons, and the next three years are spent for studying general fiqh (using ...
  • Please explain the basis of Shi'ite thought and its characteristics?
    2152 Traditional 2010/09/18
    The Holy Quran is the basis of the Shi'ite thought and the source of all the Shiite teachings. It considers the apparent and outward meanings of the verses, the sayings, conducts, silence and assertions of the Messenger of God (pbuh) and those of the Infallible Imams as authoritative proofs.Additionally, the ...
  • What is zina muhsanah?
    1767 Laws and Jurisprudence 2012/04/14
    Zina denotes copulation with other than one’s legal spouse (permanent or temporary), which the Quran labels as a grave sin, about which Allah has said: “Do not approach fornication. It is indeed obscene and an evil way.”[1],[2] If this act is committed by a married man or woman, it will be ...