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تجرد یا مادیت صور نوعی

Random questions

  • Why do we ascribe evil to God accidentally?
    5757 Islamic Philosophy
    What is considered as evil does not exist in the realm of abstract beings; this discussion has to do only with the material world. Good and evil have been defined in this manner: Good is that which one’s nature desires and what one chooses from amongst several ...
  • What is the penalty for purposely breaking the fast in Ramadhan?
    6983 Laws and Jurisprudence
    One whom fasting has been made obligatory upon in the holy month of Ramadhan (one who bears all the conditions), yet doesn’t intend on fasting doesn’t have any punishment/penalty, unless he/she executes this intention and practically doesn’t fast, or breaks the fast (of course, one ...
  • Can I perform two Umrah pilgrimages in one month?
    4819 گوناگون
    Umrah is an act of worship which is performed usually either as Mufradah or Umrah of Tamattu'. These are names of two different pilgrimages performed on different occasions. It has been said by religious authorities and grand jurisprudents that it is recommended to repeat an umrah pilgrimage ...
  • Why can married men contract temporary marriages without the consent of their spouses?
    6817 Philosophy of Religion and Law
    The sexual instinct is one of the most powerful instincts that resides in human beings, and much like other basic needs, it must be fulfilled in the correct method and manner. These basic instincts cannot be suppressed or eliminated and even if it were possible ...
  • Are the punishments for some sins harsher and greater by many folds than the punishments for some other sins?
    5155 Theoretical
    It is inferred from the Holy Qur'an and traditions of the Ahlul-Bayt (a.s.) that there are different degrees of torments in hell, proportioned to the different degrees of sins on earth. The Quran considers associating partners with God (shirk) as the greatest sin. Also, God warns to punish the sinners ...
  • What is the origin and growth of Shi‛ism?
    5437 Modern
    Shi‛ism began with a reference made for the first time to the partisans of Ali (shi‛ah-i‛Ali), the first leader of the Household of the Prophet, during the lifetime of the Prophet himself. The course of the first manifestation and the later growth of Islam during the twenty-three years of prophecy ...
  • Is it okay to smoke while fasting?
    7220 Laws and Jurisprudence
    This question doesn’t have a brief answer. Please click on the detailed answer. ...
  • Is the day of resurrection, structurally physical or a spiritual?
    6808 Traditional
    Even though logical reasoning proves the existence of a world other than the one we live in, the power of reason cannot reveal whether it is a spiritual or physical world, and in the case of it being physical, will the body be materialistic or mithali? Thus some ...
  • Is the story of the wedding of Hadrat Qasim in Karbala true or false?
    21904 تاريخ بزرگان
    One of the concocted stories regarding the epic of Ashura is the story of the marriage of Qasim bin Al-Hasan (as), a story which has no basis and which has not been related by any authentic and reliable sources. In addition, such a thing is not rationally ...
  • Is it permissible to use Facebook to spread, promulgate and promote Islamic teachings?
    5756 رعایت مقررات و قوانین
    It is permissible to use internet for any legal and allowable purposes especially for spreading the message of Islam. In case, however, it entails evil or is considered to be against the law, one should not use it. Appendix: We have forwarded your ...