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  • Why did God order the construction of the Ka'bah?
    1391 Philosophy of Religion and Law 2011/07/20
    Based on Quranic verses, traditions and historical documents, Ka'bah and Mecca are symbols of divine blessings, human guidance and a place of congregation for servitude to God who bestowed profuse blessing and good upon this place which used to be dry and infertile before it. By showing the reality that ...
  • What is the ruling of adultery with a married woman and what is the way of its repentance?
    1683 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/10/23
    Fornication especially with a married woman is one of the most hateful and grievous sins. But the Almighty Allah is most merciful in His judgment. If a sinner who has committed a shameful and abominable act becomes penitent and resolves to abstain from committing sins and makes amendment, there is ...
  • What is the relationship between people and government in Islam? Does Islam give any rights to the people that they can demand from the government?
    1698 System 2011/11/21
    People are one of the fundamental factors in the Islamic government and play the following roles:1- Choosing the Islamic government2- Selecting the government’s high ranking officials, either directly or indirectly3- Giving advice and consultation to the Islamic leader4- Participating in the legislation of law through their representatives in the Islamic ...
  • When does the Asr prayer time begin?
    1813 Laws and Jurisprudence 2009/09/23
    The beginning of the asr prayer time is actually the time of merit for Asr prayer which starts when the specific time for Dhuhr prayer ends. ...
  • Did Satan have children, and if so, are they cursed as well?
    2650 Exegesis 2007/01/01
                Satan has a number of children which help him and almost all of his children have chosen the same path as he has and thus have been cursed and rejected as well, except for a few of them; like one who lived during the time of the Grand Messenger ...
  • Is it permissible to bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries?
    1440 Laws and Jurisprudence 2008/12/31
    According to Islamic law, it is forbidden to both bury Muslims in kafir cemeteries and kafirs in Muslim ones, and if such a thing ever takes place, it is permissible to exhume the corpse and transfer it to the appropriate graveyard.Please pay attention to the following Islamic issue:“It isn't permissible ...
  • Is Hazrat Ali Asgar (AS) buried on the chest of Imam Hossein (AS) in the same grave?
    593 اهل بیت و یاران 2013/12/05
    In this regard, Martyr Qadhi Tabatabai (ra) says in the footnote of his book titled "An Investigation into the First Arba'ein of Imam Hussein (a.s)" as such: "This story is heard on the tongues of some people especially those who give lectures on the pulpits that when Imam Sajjad (a.s.) ...
  • Why do we the Shia pray at three times while the Quran tells us to pray at five times?
    4800 Laws and Jurisprudence 2010/08/14
    The reason the Shia perform their prayers in three times is the Quranic verses and traditions on the matter. Although the Quran has mentioned that prayer is wajib several times and hasn’t gone into the details, it has spoken of its times: “Maintain the prayer from the sun's decline till ...
  • What is the ruling on dog leather?
    1060 Laws and Jurisprudence 2011/12/20
    Dogs and pigs, and all of their body parts are najis. Therefore, their leather is also najis.The grand maraje’ state: Dogs and pigs that live on land are najis, including their hair, bones, paws, nails, and any wetness they excrete.[1]For further information on the rulings regarding dogs, refer to the ...
  • What is the Islamic law about using fragrant ointments and medicines during Ihram?
    286 احرام 2014/06/23
    Applying medical ointments or creams to the body for treatment and medication is allowed and there would be no problem in it.[1] However, if it is fragrant and it is applied when one is in the state of Ihram, one should pay a penalty. The penalty for applying it is ...