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  • Explain the infallibility of the prophets. Why is it that some verses of the Qur`an contradict their infallibility?
    1599 Traditional 2011/08/15
    The answer to these questions can be summarized in the following points: 1. Infallibility is a state of the soul that makes an infallible person shun sins or any unpalatable acts and protects him from mistakes and forgetfulness without negating his free will. 2. The secret behind the infallibility of the prophets ...
  • What is the Shia’s opinion on the tribe of Bani Quraidhah?
    1375 تاريخ کلام 2009/07/19
    The Bani Quraydhah was a Jewish tribe in residing in Medinah and one of the signatories of a multilateral treaty, living alongside the Muslims. This tribe abided by the terms of the treaty, violating it during the battle of Ahzab by practically becoming one of the forces of the enemy ...
  • Since it is superstitious to do the chelle practice in order to conceive a child, which supplications and prayers do you recommend in this regard?
    230 Practical 2014/02/12
    Based on our research through hadith collections, we did not find any reference to the chelle practice for pregnancy. As for supplications for pregnancy, there are some points to be noted: 1-This world is a place of tests and tribulations, and everyone is tested in one way or another; one through ...
  • Who are the Akhbaris and the Osolis?
    1973 Philosophy of History 2010/04/19
    The Akhbaris are the adherents of the ahadith whom the Shia call Akhbaris. They do not believe in Ijtihad and only follow the ahadith. On the other side there is a great group of Muslim scholars known as the Osolioon, they believe that the rulings of Islam should be drawn ...
  • Is there a correspondence between different acts of worship and the rewards Allah has promised for them?
    1158 Traditional 2010/12/21
    Promising such rewards does not contradict Allah's justice and doesn’t negate the correspondence between acts and rewards; because if justice means to place everything in its appropriate position, which means that there should be a correspondence between acts and rewards, regarding the examples mentioned, there is complete correspondence because:First: These ...
  • Are there any women who reached the rank of ijtihad in religious seminaries?
    1772 Exalted scholars 2007/11/04
    A worthy interaction of Islam with science, and requiring that from every Muslim man and woman, has resulted in women always studying the sciences in Islamic communities and finally some of them reached the rank of ijtihad.As an example, lady Mujtahideh Amin who passed away in 1403h. Lady Mujtahideh Sefati ...
  • Is Dua Kumayl authentic?
    1607 History 2012/09/27
    Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha’i was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (as) and his son Imam Hasan Mujtaba and this sublime Du'a was first heard from the beautiful, though anguished, voice of Imam Ali (as). This dua has been narrated in Mesbah al-Mutahajjid[1] of Shaykh ...
  • What is the role of women during the reign and in the government of Imam Mahdi (as)?
    1214 System 2008/06/30
    In addition to the great changes the world has gone through since the time of Prophet Muhammad’s prophethood till today, the role, importance and rank of women has also entered a new stage in which can never be compared to the past. In different societies, before the dawn of Islam, ...
  • What are the arguments to prove that the wilayah (guardianship) of the Infallibles, peace be upon them?
    1242 Traditional 2012/04/16
    The wilayah of the infallibles, peace be upon them, can be proved through the four authoritative and valid sources such as the Quran, Sunnah, reason and consensus. Shia scholars have a consensus about the guardianship of the Infallibles and it is so clear and manifest in their words and writings that ...
  • Is making contact with beings from other worlds possible?
    1684 Traditional 2010/04/08
    There is no doubt that it is possible to make contact with beings from other realms. What is also certain is that using narcotic drugs and alcoholic beverages to do so is impermissible.The ways and instruments through which we can become aware of these hidden beings and the ways of ...