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Last Updated: 2012/01/19
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Is it permissible to slaughter an animal via machine?
What is meant by halal meat in Ja’fari jurisprudence? Unfortunately, this issue needs much more attention, especially in Europe, as meat that has been slaughtered in different ways is being provided as halal, these methods being:
1) Use of a knife by a Muslim
2) Via machine, with a Muslim pronouncing Bismillah
3) After the animal is electrically shocked and becomes weak (its consciousness is weakened), it is slaughtered by via machine with a Muslim pronouncing Bismillah
Concise answer

This is the response of Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani (may Allah prolong his life):

All three methods, given that all other conditions (such as the animal facing the Qiblah) are met, will result in the meat of the animal being halal.


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