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Last Updated: 2012/04/17
Summary of question
Is it haram to consume industrial alcohol? What is ruling on taking narcotics?
1- Can we drink industrial alcohol in the case of it being consumable if we don’t know whether it is intoxicating or not? 2- Is it haram to have any intoxicant, even if it is solid and not liquid? 3- Some drugs are exhilarant and make one indifferent to and unaware of their surroundings; are such drugs considered intoxicant? 4- Is it permissible to take a very small dose of an intoxicant mixed with other ingredients or drugs as a medical treatment?
Concise answer

The responses of the grand maraji’ to your question are as follows:

The office of the Grand Ayatullah Sistani (may Allah prolong his life):

1. Alcohol is intoxicating and its consumption impermissible.

2. It is haram.

3. If it has a great harm, even due to it being addictive, it is haram, and even if it doesn’t have such a harm, as per obligatory precaution, it is still haram.

4. If it isn't khamr  [wine or liquor made from grapes] and it constitutes one or two percent of the entire combination, it is permissible.

The office of the Grand Ayatullah Makarim Shirazi (may Allah prolong his life):

1. Industrial and medical alcohol which one does not know whether it comes from an intoxicating liquid, is pak. The same goes for the alcohol used in cologne, sprays and medicine which contain industrial or medical alcohol.

Please do note that those alcohols that aren't essentially consumable or are poisonous aren't najis, but whenever they are diluted to become beverages and intoxicating, their consumption will be haram and as per precaution, they will have the ruling of being najis.

2. Liquor and any liquid that intoxicates the person is najis as per obligatory precaution, but substances like Hashish or ‘Bang’ which are narcotic and aren't liquid in essence are pak, even when mixed with water and made into liquid, although their consumption nonetheless is still haram.

3. Due to their many harms verified by the experts, smoking cigarettes and all other types of tobacco products is haram.

4. If medical alcohol is used in it and in present circumstances, it isn't an intoxicating liquid, it isn't problematic.

The office of the Grand Ayatullah Saafi Golpaygani (may Allah prolong his life):

1. In the case of it being intoxicating, it is haram.

2. The consumption of anything intoxicating and inebriating is impermissible.

3. Intoxication and inebriation is impermissible.

4. Just because something is prescribed doesn’t make it permissible; no matter how little or how much something has an intoxicant substance in it, the ruling is the same.

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