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Last Updated: 2010/11/22
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How is Imam Mahdi’s food and clothing?
How is Imam Mahdi’s food and clothing?
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The imam (aj) lives a normal life just like everyone else. What can be concluded from hadiths about his food and clothing, is that they are at a minimum.

Nu’mani, in his book of Gheybah, narrates a hadith from Imam Sadiq (as) and Imam Ridha (as) about Imam Mahdi (aj): “ما لباسه الا الغلیظ و ما طعامه الاّ الجشب”.[1] Also, in a hadith from Imam Husein (as) it is said that Imam Mahdi’s (aj) clothing is rough and harsh and his food is barley.[2]

[1] Muntakhab al-Athar, pg. 378.

[2] Ibid, pg. 619.

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