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Last Updated: 2009/07/19
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What does Islam say about Prophet Isa (pbuh) walking on water?
What does Islam say about Prophet Isa (pbuh) walking on water?
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One of the ways for identifying prophets is through miracles; extraordinary actions that can't be taught or learned by normal people that others aren't capable of doing.[1]

Prophet Isa (pbuh) had several miracles, namely: awakening the dead, curing those born blind and curing the sick. The Quran says: “…and when You made out of clay the figure of the bird by My leave, you breathed into it and it became a bird by My Leave; and you healed those born-blind and the lepers by My Leave and when you brought the dead to life by My Leave…”[2] Nevertheless, walking on water hasn’t been mentioned in the Quran, although it has been pointed to in a hadith by Imam Sadiq (as).[3]

[1] Jafar Sobhani, Al-Ilahiyyat fil-Kitabi wal-Sunnah, vol. 2, pg. 64.

[2] Maidah:110

[3] Mohammad Baqir Majlisi, Biharul-Anwar, vol. 14, pg. 254: “اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَ لَا یَحْسُدْ بَعْضُکُمْ بَعْضاً إِنَّ عِیسَى ابْنَ مَرْیَمَ ع کَانَ مِنْ شَرَائِعِهِ السَّیْحُ فِی الْبِلَادِ فَخَرَجَ فِی بَعْضِ سَیْحِهِ وَ مَعَهُ رَجُلٌ مِنْ أَصْحَابِهِ قَصِیرٌ وَ کَانَ کَثِیرَ اللُّزُومِ لِعِیسَى ابْنِ مَرْیَمَ ع فَلَمَّا انْتَهَى عِیسَى إِلَى الْبَحْرِ قَالَ بِسْمِ اللَّهِ بِصِحَّةِ یَقِینٍ مِنْهُ فَمَشَى عَلَى ظَهْرِ الْمَاءِ فَقَالَ الرَّجُلُ الْقَصِیرُ حِینَ نَظَرَ إِلَى عِیسَى ع جَازَهُ بِسْمِ اللَّهِ بِصِحَّةِ یَقِینٍ مِنْهُ فَمَشَى عَلَى الْمَاءِ فَلَحِقَ بِعِیسَى ع فَدَخَلَهُ الْعُجْبُ بِنَفْسِهِ فَقَالَ هَذَا عِیسَى رُوحُ اللَّهِ یَمْشِی عَلَى الْمَاءِ وَ أَنَا أَمْشِی عَلَى الْمَاءِ فَمَا فَضْله

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