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Last Updated: 2010/03/27
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If a person is deaf, through which of the two ways of text messaging or video conference can he divorce his wife?
I would like to know if divorce can be executed via text messaging or if it must be done using the handset (vocally)? If a person is deaf, how can he divorce his wife; does it need to be done via text messaging or video conference (visually)? Is such a divorce effective?
Concise answer

The response of Ayatullah Mahdi Hadavi Tehrani is as follows:

The only way for a deaf person to divorce his wife is through writing and of course, he must have two witnesses when he does so.

If he is unable to write, he must make the divorce understood through gestures that clearly do so, in a way that everyone understands that what he is doing is divorcing his wife.

Also, his expressing the divorce must be done in the presence of witnesses, therefore it must be done live and in person or in a way similar to that, like through a live video conference where there are witnesses. In this case the divorce will be effective.

For further information, see:

1- Divorcing via text messaging (SMS), Question 376 (website: 387).

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