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Last Updated: 2011/01/16
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Is it possible to get distance education and learning in the Islamic seminaries?
Perhaps my question may not relate to this website and I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask my question, but here it comes: Can I start distance education in the Islamic seminary (Hawzah Ilmiyah) and attend the final exams? Kindly, reply to my question and do not let me down.
Concise answer

Dear brother in Islam,

Salamun alaikum,

You can attend level one classes of the Islamic seminary freely and without enrollment. Then you should prepare yourself for the admission tests which are held annually by Hawzah Management Center (Markaz-e Modiriyat Hawzah). In case you get through the exams, you can follow and keep up Hawzah studies in your own city externally to the Hawzah of Qom but you will have to take part in exams held at the end of each educational year. For more information about admissions in the Islamic Seminary of Qom, you can call the admission office or the Distance Education Unit of Hawzah Management Center at 0098-251-7740971-4. May Allah grant you success.  

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