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Last Updated: 2011/10/29
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If a woman has to perform Kaffara and fast for 60 days of which 31 days must be consecutive, how is that possible if she has a monthly menses cycle?
Keeping in view that women discharge monthly blood, what is the Islamic law about fasting for thirty one days in a row as a mandatory penalty of breaking fast intentionally? How is it possible because she cannot fast for thirty one days?
Concise answer

As for the fasts which should be observed consecutively (e.g. the Kaffara of the fast which has been made obligatory by way of breaking the fast intentionally or by way of Nadhr), if a woman cannot observe fast for thirty one days in a row due to some excuses like illness or menstrual blood or lochia (childbirth bleeding), and she starts fasting immediately after the problem is removed, the fast would be valid and it is not necessary for her to start fasting from the beginning.[1]

[1] - Imam Khomeini, Rohullah, Tahrir al-Wasilah, (translation), vol.1, pg. 531, Islamic Publications Office, Qom, 1421 A.H.

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