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Last Updated: 2014/04/20
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What is the ruling on eating the cheese contains rennet?
What is the ruling on eating the cheese contains rennet?
Concise answer
What the rennet is a substance or strong material we add it to milk in order to make cheese. This material seemingly prepares with the two methods that are as under:
1. via vegetarian mushroom.
2. via the material that exist in animal stomach.
Thus, if the rennet is prepared by the mushroom or the animal like cow, sheep and etc. (that are ceremonially clean and lawful to eat) it would be halal according to Islam and therefore there is no problem to eat it.[1] Otherwise, if it is prepared by those animals (that are ceremonially unclean and unlawful to eat) like pig and the like it would be impermissible.
However, if we don’t know by which animal that the cheese is prepared, there would be no problem to eat such a cheese that is mixed with that rennet.[2]

[1] . Imam Khomeini, Tahrir ul-Wasilah, vol 1, p 115, Matboua't Dar ul-Ilm institution, Qom, first edition, Bita; Bihjat, Muhammad Taqi, vol 1, p 63, the office of Grand Ayatollah Bihjat, Qom, first edition 1428.
[2] . Imam Khomeini, Syed Rooh Allah, Istiftaat, vol 2, p 508, the Office of Islamic Publication, Qom, fifth edition, 1422.
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