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Last Updated: 2007/10/08
Summary of question
Is it necessary for a woman to remove her pubic hair after she ceases to discharge menstrual blood?
Is it necessary for a woman to remove the pubic hair after she is pure from the blood of menses? If she does not remove it, what will be the Islamic law concerning her prayers and fast?
Concise answer
Removing the unncessary armpit and pubic hair is a matter of hygiene. According to Islam, it is recommended (mustahab) to remove the hair once in a while.[1] However, it is not obligatory to remove it or raze it off. Not removing it will not affect your prayers, fast and other religious obligations.
His Eminence, Ayatollah Mahdavi Tehrani (may Allah grant him long life):
It is recommended to remove the pubic hair.
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[1] Al-Kafi, vol.6, p.505, Tahrir al-Ahkam al-Shar'iyyah 'alaa Mazhab al-Imamiyyah, vol.1, p.8 onward.
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