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Last Updated: 2011/11/17
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Why do Jewish people read their book in Hebrew?
Why do Jewish people read their book in Hebrew?
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God is a metaphysical being who cannot be analyzed with physical standards, nonetheless, He has used physical means understandable to man to take care of this world’s affairs. One of these affairs is guiding the people to salvation. God has shown the path of salvation through His divine prophets, some of which came with divine books and religions. These prophets were called the Ulu al-Azm or ‘bearers of resolution’.[1] The direct audience of each prophet were people and specific races and the prophets were also from the same race and tongue of whom they were sent to.[2]

The Jewish race,[3] is one of those whose tongue was Hebrew. God sent them messengers of the same tongue.

As a result, the books of the Jews, known by Christians as the Old Testament, were written in Hebrew. This is why the Jews consider these books as revelation and divine and sacred, and also consider the tongue they are written in as being credible and recite them with the same tongue, the same way the Muslims recite the Quran in the tongue it was revealed in, which is Arabic.

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