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Last Updated: 2011/09/02
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How long is a mother allowed to breastfeed her baby?
What is the duration in which a woman is allowed to breastfeed her child?
Concise answer

In regards to the above question, we will make mention of the verdicts of some of the jurisprudents as under:

According to a well-known view, the jurists say that the duration of breastfeeding is twenty one months.[1] However, some jurists allow breastfeeding for two years and they consider it as recommended. Therefore, there is not any specific difference with the well-known fatwa. Here is a brief explanation:

1. It is recommended to breastfeed a child for two years, if possible.[2]

2. It is recommended to breastfeed a child for twenty one months and it is not appropriate to breastfeed the child for more than two years.[3]

3. The minimum duration of breastfeeding is twenty one months.[4]

As for breastfeeding for more than two years, the fatwa (verdicts) of some jurists are as under:

4. A child should not be breastfed for more than two years, as a measure of precaution.[5]

5. It is permissible to breastfeed a child one or two months more than two years (24 months).[6]

For further information in this regard, see index: "The Solution to the Difference between verse 233 of Sura al-Baqarah and verse 15 of Sura al-Ahqaf, question 6499 (site: 6946).

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