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Last Updated: 2009/08/14
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Are Mormons considered “People of the Book”?
1- Are Mormons considered “People of the Book”? 2- If a person is born Christian, yet really hasn’t accepted Christianity as his/her religion and just believes in God, will this person be considered of the “People of the Book”?
Concise answer

1- Christianity consists of many denominations. One of them which has made a lot of noise in the United States is the sect known as the Mormons, founded by Joseph Smith circa 1820, where they began their activity and propagation as saviors. In his book that he wrote in 1830, The Book of Mormon, Smith claimed that Christopher Columbus travelled and discovered America as a result of divine inspiration so that he could open its borders to the people and other races. He also claims that Jesus will be resurrected and will emerge in Independence, Missouri, and that this city is actually the Jerusalem in which the Jews are awaiting Moses to return from.

In reality, Mormonism is a branch of Protestantism, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, that believes in plural marriage, and is mostly financially supported by funds collected in the form of “tithes” and “fast offerings”.[1]

2- “The People of the Book” refers to the followers of divine religions that have a book and adhere to it, such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Therefore, if one only believes in God, but doesn’t believe in any divine book, he/she clearly won't be considered of “The People of the Book”.

[1] Tebyan Website.

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