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Last Updated: 2011/01/30
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Is it okay to say kazalikallahu rabbi in the second rak'at after any sura or only Sura-e Ikhlas?
Is it ok to say kazalikallahu rabbi in the 2nd rakat after any sura?? Or only sura ikhlas?
Concise answer

It is Mustahab (recommended) to say “Kazalikallahu Rabbi” after Sura-e Ikhlas once, twice or thrice, in every rak'at in which Sura-e Ikhlas is recited after Sura al-Hamd. Therefore this zikr (recital) is recited only after Sura-e Ikhlas.[1]

[1] - Tauzihul Masail (with connotation) by Imam Khomeini, vol.1, pg.559.

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