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Last Updated: 2011/09/26
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What are the punishments for shaking hands with a non-Mahram, physical contact and not observing Islamic modest dress?
What are the punishments for shaking hands or physical contact with a non-mahram. Also, what is the punishment for not wearing hijab? Please explain.
Concise answer

Different punishments and penalties have been reported, in our religious sources, for the sins mentioned in the question. We will suffice to quoting a few traditions in this regard:

A) Shaking hands with a non-mahram:

1. The Holy Prophet (s) said: "Any man who shakes hands with a non-Mahram woman comes on the Day of Resurrection handcuffed then he will be ordered to the Fire."[1]

2. "Any man who shakes hands with a non-Mahram woman, without doubt he has made himself deserving of wrath and displeasure from Allah."[2]

B) Physical contact with non-Mahram: There are different forms of a physical contact with a non-Mahram. They include shaking hands (about which narratives were mentioned above), touching, "adultery" etc. There are different traditions in this regard some of which are as under:

1. The Holy Prophet (s) says: "Any man who hugs a non-Mahram woman, he is tied together with Shaitan to a chain of fire and both of are dragged and thrown unto the fire."[3]

2. Imam Reza (a.s.) said: "On the night of Me'raj (ascension), the Holy Prophet (s) saw a group of women who were subjected to punishment.[4] On that night a woman was seen having her face and body being cut by a (pair of) scissors. This was the punishment for showing her body and private parts to other men.[5]

C) Not wearing hijab: In the same foregoing tradition, it has been narrated that the Holy Prophet (s) saw a woman hanging by her hair and her brain was boiling. (This was the punishment of that woman who did not hide her hair by covering her head from men).[6]

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This question does not have a detailed answer.

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This question does not have a detailed answer.

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