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Last Updated: 2010/06/26
Summary of question
What is the ruling on using henna in the state of jinabat and heyd? Does nail polish cause any problem for wudu?
I would be grateful if you could answer my questions:
1- I would like to know if someone is junub or haiz, is it permissible for him/her to use henna?
2- I would also like to know that for the ghusl of haiz and janabat is it necessary to wash hair with soap or shampoo, or is it enough to was it with plain water?
3- Does application of nail polish interfere with wudhu? Are you allowed to say namaz if you have nail paint on?
Concise answer

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Detailed Answer

The following are the answers to your questions:

1- It is makruh for one who is junub[1] or haiz[2] to use henna.

2- Washing with plain water suffices.

3- In wudu, it is necessary that the hands, from the elbows to the tip of the fingers, be washed completely.[3] Therefore, the nails and a normal amount that has grown on them (2-3 mm) are considered part of the hands and must be washed. So all things that might interfere with water reaching them (i.e. nail polish) must be removed first.

For further information, you can refer to the following:

1- Nail polish and Jabirah wudu, Question 4680 (website: 4966).

2- Nail Polish and wudu, Question 2448 (website: 2578).

Ayatullah Hadavi’s response to the question:

1- Washing the nails that are in the hand area is wajib and if there is anything blocking them, it must removed beforehand.[4]

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[1] Tawdihul-Masa’el (annotated by Imam Khomeini), vol. 1, pg. 214, issue 356.

[2] Tawdihul-Masa’el (annotated by Imam Khomeini), vol. 1, pg. 270.

[3] Nijatul-Ibad (Imam Khomeini), pg. 19, issue 5: “After washing the face the right hand must be washed and then the left had from the elbow to the tip of the fingers, and in order to be sure that the elbows have been completely washed, he/she must wash a little higher than the elbows.”

[4] Adopted from Question 5779 (website: 6010).

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